Motorcycle Accident Survivor With Spinal Cord Injury Beats Million-To-One Odds

A former professional motocross racer is sharing his story of defeating million-to-one odds and learning to walk again. Only 16 years ago, the former racer, then 20 years old, flew over his handlebars during a race and hit the ground headfirst. The impact from the motorcycle accident left the man with a spinal cord injury and paralyzed from the neck down.

After one year of rehabilitation, the former motocross racer was able regain movement in his arms and stand up on his own. Therapists working with the man told him that while his recovery was exceptional, the odds of ever walking again were a million-to-one. Despite overwhelming odds, the man pressed forward with his recovery and can now walk using a cane.

In fact, last year the man walked 20 miles across the Mojave Desert for a documentary titled Coming to My Senses. How did the man defeat insurmountable odds and regain the use of his legs? By starting with small movements, the repetition helped the nerves near his spinal cord injury heal.

How Can Exercise Help Motorcycle Accident Survivors With Spinal Cord Injuries?

Rehabilitation from spinal cord injuries has increasingly incorporated specialized exercise regimens to help regenerate damaged nerves and regain movement of limbs.

Specialized exercise regimens are frequently researched as a viable method for treating spinal cord injuries. Researchers associated with the University of Western Australia are currently studying how to use repetitive movements to help individuals heal from spinal cord injuries.

In addition to research, some existing therapies involve the use of modified treadmills to help stimulate the growth of nerves left undamaged from spinal cord injuries.

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