Motorcycle Accidents Plague September: What Motorcyclists Need to Watch Out For

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents In Mesa County IncreaseBack in September, a Denver Sheriff’s Department deputy was off duty and enjoying a ride on his motorcycle when something went wrong. The 53-year-old was riding down South Santa Fe Drive when he collided with another vehicle. He was taken to the hospital where he spent two days fighting for his life, but the officer’s injuries were too severe. He passed while surrounded by family, friends, and staff from the Denver Sheriff’s Department. His passing marked a rough month of crashes in our state.

What Motorcyclists Need To Watch Out For

Colorado Springs authorities responded to a fatal motorcycle crash on the fifth, and were called to another crash minutes after responding to the other. In Fountain, two people were injured when a car took a left hand turn in front of a motorcycle, and police are still investigating several off-road accidents. All this happened just in the month of September­—when the riding season is supposed to be slowing down—which proves that riders need to be ready for anything no matter what time of the year it is.

  1. Beware of dodgy road conditions: Gravel, sand, and oil spills can send you off the road real fast, so watch the road conditions.
  2. Watch car drivers: Watching the driver of a car can tell you what a car is going to do before it does it, so keep an eye out for any sudden movements from drivers.
  3. Know the weather conditions: We warned you about the dangers of getting struck by lightning while riding, but hail, ice, and rain slicked roads can be just as deadly. Use weather apps and the TV to plan your rides around the weather.

Be ready for anything when you go out riding, and keep following our motorcycle accident blog to learn what else you can do to stay safe and enjoy the freedom of the open road.

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