Motorcycle App Helps Motorcyclists Ride Safer

Riding on unfamiliar trails, riding at night and riding through inclement weather conditions all increase the risk of motorcycle accidents. Fortunately, a new app for Android and Apple smartphone users helps motorcyclists mitigate these risks on the road.

Polaris Industries developed the Victory Rides app for its customers, but it is currently available to any rider in both the Google Play store and the Apple app store. Riders equipped with the app can:

  • Look up weather conditions, advisories and forecasts for any location. Since slick roads increase the risk of getting into a motorcycle accident, a quick look at this app can help motorcyclists plan alternative routes.
  • Find nearby amenities like gas stations, hotels and restaurants. Riders are more at risk during night hours. With this app, riders can arrange for a hotel instead of driving fatigued at night.
  • Find maps and track routes. Especially in the winding roads in Colorado, an unfamiliar route poses a high risk to motorcycle riders. This app allows riders to store route info so they can ride with more confidence (as long as they only check the phone when the bike is off).

By curbing a few of the risk factors associated with motorcycle accidents, this app should hopefully lead to more alert, safer motorcyclists on our roads. Make sure you do not use it in violation of state law or common sense: only look at your phone when the bike is not running.

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