Was There a Motorcycle Chop Shop in Greeley?

Greeley was caught in the midst of a crime spree. Police had reports of around 45 missing vehicles throughout the city and most of them were motorcycles. What were the police to do?

Why Was There a Motorcycle Chop Shop in Greeley?

Learn more about Colorado motorcycle accident attorney Tom MetierIt was early July when authorities noticed that their list of stolen vehicles had suddenly tripled. They marshalled their forces and called in the Beat Auto Theft Through Law Enforcement (BATTLE) team. This group of law enforcement officers specializes in tracking down the criminals who steal vehicles, and Greeley was in dire need of their help.

The officers of BATTLE worked across several north Colorado police departments, questioned witnesses, and eventually found a two-car garage in Evans covered in graffiti and motor oil. It turns out that a man and a few of his friends were lifting bikes off the street and into the back of a pickup truck. They would then take the motorcycle to a friend of a friend to hide it before transporting the stolen vehicles to the man’s house, where they would disassemble the vehicle in his garage.

The men would then take the parts from the stolen vehicles and either sell them for cash or trade them for drugs. However, as time went on, the drugs made the men sloppy. Eventually the owner of the garage was arrested on a traffic violation, which led police back to his garage and his conspirators. They all now face vehicle theft charges and the Evans man at the center of the operation is facing charges of owning a chop shop.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of north Colorado’s police, another group of motorcycle thieves have been stopped, but there are still many lessons to learn from this case. There are security systems available that will let you track your motorcycle, and there are also some tricks you can use to make your bike less appealing to thieves.

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