Should Motorcycle Clubs Be Banned In Colorado?

Most motorcycle clubs are charity organizations that help bring communities together to support those in need, but on January 30, a conflict between two organizations may have tarnished the reputations of clubs all over the state. The Denver Police Department responded to reports of gunfire at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo. When officers arrived on the scene, they found seven people injured and at least one person dead.

What Happened At The Colorado Motorcycle Expo?

Members of the Iron Order organization claim that one of their members was being harassed by members of a rival club, the Mongols. They claim that this member was then assaulted by members of the Mongols, which was when members of the Iron Order stepped in to protect their abused compatriot. A fight broke out, and then shots were fired.

Members of the Mongol organization claim that they were being harassed by Iron Order members and were forced into a fistfight. After the fight was over, they claim that a member of the Iron Order threatened the group with a gun, and when one of the club’s members called the gun wielder’s bluff, he was shot and killed.

The Iron Order is a relatively new motorcycle club, and is mainly composed of members of the law enforcement and military communities, but it’s members have recently been involved in conflicts with several of the seven top motorcycle clubs claiming the “1-Percenter” lifestyle. Police are investigating each group’s story but have yet to file charges against anyone. However, many Colorado organizations are not waiting for the results of the investigation.

Should Motorcycle Clubs Be Banned In Colorado?

Pro Promotions Inc.—which sponsors motorcycle events all over south Colorado—has asked the Iron Order to accept a voluntary ban from all of the company’s events. The club has agreed to the ban claiming that their members are being targeted and so avoiding events is in the best interests of public safety, but others are still unsure of the organization’s intentions.

Army commanders in Colorado are currently reviewing the Iron Order as a possible addition to their list of off-limits extremist groups and criminal gangs. If added to the list, soldiers would be banned from joining the group or wearing the colors of the Iron Order on base. The other motorcycle club involved in the Denver expo shooting—the Mongols—are already on the list, but such a ban could be significant, because the Iron Order’s membership is mainly drawn from the ranks of the military and law enforcement.

The incident at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo has brought motorcycle clubs back into the spotlight, and not in a positive way. However, the majority of motorcycle clubs are charitable organizations built to help support the communities they are in. Keep following our blog to see the good that these organizations can do, and remember that motorcyclists are just regular everyday people.

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