Motorcycle Licenses Recommended for ATV Riders in Wyoming

A recent accident involving an ATV and a car on the streets of Cheyenne, Wyoming has local police and ATV dealers stressing the benefits of a motorcycle license for people driving ATVs on city streets.

A 19-year-old man was attempting to make a left turn on his ATV when he was hit broadside by a car. The impact threw him up onto the hood and into the windshield.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation refers to ATVs as personal vehicles, and allows them on city streets with certain restrictions. Personal vehicle operators must have a valid driver’s license, register the vehicle and display a visible license plate. However, even if the vehicle meets these criteria, it is still not allowed on the interstates.

Unfortunately, a personal vehicle meeting all the state’s requirements is still difficult to see. Learning some defensive riding skills could benefit ATV users.

Cheyenne Police Sgt. Rob Dafoe, commenting on the advantage of a motorcycle license, said, “A motorcycle class would be especially beneficial for a young driver taking an ATV on the road. With these types of vehicles, defensive driving is even more important.”

The owner of Peak Motorsports in Cheyenne, Clint O’Connor, recommends a motorcycle class (license) to all of his customers who plan on taking their ATVs out on city streets.

“You have to have an added level of situational awareness when you’re in these vehicles because you are lower and there is more potential for injury if struck,” O’Conner said.

Taking safety courses to obtain motorcycle licenses is certainly beneficial to motorcyclists. We imagine this kind of safety training would be just as beneficial to ATV riders when riding near automobiles.

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