Motorcycle Medics May Be The Answer To Congestion

The traffic in Austin, Texas is notorious for congestion and general aggravation. This can prove problematic for emergency response crews. Even an ambulance cannot move if there is no place for it to go. Motorcycle medics may be the answer for emergency crews dealing with Austin’s congestion, and a currently running pilot program in the city is aiming to find out.

Some EMS personnel began riding medically equipped motorcycles in early June, a tactic that was first developed in London and has been used successfully in Florida’s Miami-Dade County for five years.

Motorcycles allow EMS personnel to arrive two to three minutes faster than an ambulance. This extra time is critical, and can mean the difference between life and death. A standard ambulance comes directly after the motorcycle to provide additional services and transportation to hospitals as needed.

The motorcycle medics are capable of treating an injury for up to 15 minutes, providing immediate care and determining the severity of the injuries. The bikes, outfitted with lights, sirens and suspension that can handle rougher terrain, carry life-support equipment like medications, airway equipment and first aid supplies.

This idea seems obvious now that it is being used. We wonder why no one thought of this sooner.

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