Can Engine Noise Promote Motorcycle Safety?

Debates over the noise limits for motorcycles neglect the importance of noise for motorcycle safety. Given that motorist failure to see motorcyclists is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents, noise promotes safety by announcing the motorcyclist’s presence. Currently, the ongoing debate about the safety of motorcycle noise has found its way down to Portland, Oregon, just in time for the annual Alley Sweeper Urban Enduro Ride. The annual ride, which will take place Saturday, April 19, is a free and open event in which roughly 250 motorcyclists ride through the alleys of the Portland metropolitan area.

“I mean, it’s more like a parade than anything,” said the event organizer. “We like to do it inside the city because it’s low on cost, it’s a low barrier of entry for people, and if you break down you can have a Slurpee at 7-11 and watch the rest of the parade. But some people you know, there’s always a bad apple.”

Some of the residents who live along the alleys have complained about the noise of the train of motorcyclists; however, they fail to recognize how the noise alerts motorists who may be driving along the parade pathway of the presence of motorcyclists.

Clearly, motorcyclists are at an extreme disadvantage on the road; they lack the protective shielding of a car, are hard to see and one minor accident can yield tragic consequences. As such, motorcyclists need to take advantage of every safety resource available, noise included. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a careless motorist, our motorcycle accident attorneys can help.

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