Motorcycle Officer Almost Killed In Traffic Stop

An Aurora motorcycle officer narrowly missed being seriously injured or killed last week in a routine traffic stop on Interstate 225.

The officer had pulled over a Hyundai Elantra on the left shoulder of the interstate and was standing next to his motorcycle when he heard screeching tires. He looked up to see a Chevy Tahoe bounce off the median and careen towards him. The officer leaped out of the way as the Tahoe sideswiped his motorcycle and crashed into the rear of the Elantra.

Before coming towards the officer, the Tahoe had hit a pickup truck, causing it to hit the median and then come in his direction. Authorities cited the driver of the Tahoe with careless driving.

This officer was incredibly lucky that he was not killed. Awareness and quick reflexes probably saved his life, along with the screeching of the tires that warned him.

We speak so often of the increased risks for motorcyclists due to their lack of protection on the roadway. Our motorcycle officers face such risks for their entire workday, day in and day out. Their courage is commendable.

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