Motorcycle Scares Horse, Injures Rider

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) collects a variety of statistics about different kinds of motorcycle accidents: single rider, multiple vehicles, motorcycle and truck collisions, etc. NHTSA is lacking in one area, however; there is not a single motorcycle-horse accident to be found on the website.

In Colorado, we can add at least one to the 2012 motorcycle accident statistics. Katherine “Katy” Daniels, 20, was riding horseback with six friends when two motorcycles passed by. Daniels’ horse was “spooked” by the passing motorcycles. The horse reacted and threw Daniels from the saddle. The motorcyclists stopped to see if Daniels was okay. She experienced head and neck injuries from the accident. A helicopter transported Daniels to the Denver Health Medical Center.

We are glad that Daniels survived the unexpected accident, and we urge all motorcyclists to follow the law to the letter on noise standards. In Colorado, any motorcycle manufactured on or After January 1, 1973 must be 86 decibels or below. If the motorcycle was manufactured between July 1, 1971 and January 1, 1973, it can reach a maximum of 88 decibels.

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