Motorcycle Visibility Summarized in Three Points

“Stay visible” is one of the most important motorcycle safety tips you will ever hear. You have probably heard it before; maybe you read it on this blog. Regardless, it bears repeating. The more visible you are, the less likely you are to get hurt.

“I didn’t see him” is a phrase heard repeatedly after motorcycle accidents. If you ask a police officer what he or she hears most often after an accident between a motorcycle and a motorist, “I didn’t see him” is the response you will often get.

There are many different ways to stay visible on your bike, but the majority of them can be summarized in three main categories. They are:

  1. Stand out. Bright colors, headlight beam, LED lights. Use these and anything else you come across to make yourself stand out.
  2. Stay where they can see you. Avoid blind spots and tailgating. If drivers see you, they are less likely to run you over.
  3. Ride predictably. Your bike is probably faster and more maneuverable than the cars around it. Drivers need to be able to predict your path to avoid you, and they cannot do that if you disappear and reappear continuously.

Use the above strategies to keep yourself safe while motorcycling. Few activities are more fun than riding, but an accident can change that instantly.

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