Motorcycles and Lap Dogs: Not a Police Approved Duo

Do you carry your pet with you when you go for a ride? If you do, be aware that you could be in for a ticket. Perhaps you should just look for a sidecar. New Jersey resident Gyula Szatmari received citations for careless driving, the improper transportation of an animal and animal cruelty after Sgt. Anthony Lena spotted him riding his motorcycle with a pug on his lap. Lena, employed with the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, reported the biker, and police dispatched Officer Ross Yenisey to locate him.

According to Asbury Park Press, Szatmari, the biker and dog-lover, was driving down Route 18 in the rain with his pet, and he told police officers that he was on his way home from his job. In fact, the biker also informed officials that he has been transporting his dog on his motorcycle for years. (Police warned him against transporting the dog on the motorcycle last year.) There is no mention of the pair’s involvement in any type of motorcycle accident.

A photograph of the dog shows him patiently waiting for Szatmari on a fleece-lined spot on the motorcycle, wearing a sweater. His owner must appear in court in October to deal with the consequences of the charge.

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