Motorcycling Part of $646 Billion Industry

A new report shows that outdoor recreation activities, including motorcycle riding, generated $646 billion in revenue in 2011. The report, titled “A Snapshot of the Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation,” is available on the Western Governors’ Association website.

Several groups funded the report, including the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA), Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA) and the Western Governors’ Association.

The groups studied how much money Americans spend on outdoor recreational equipment, such as skis, snowmobiles, hiking equipment and motorcycles, as well as the overall economic impact of outdoor recreation on local economies. Gas stations, restaurants and hotels all benefit from outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

The report says that special events like motorcycle rallies were not included in the final tally, but mentioned that they can have immense economic benefits to local economies. It estimates that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, a week-long motorcycle event in South Dakota, generated over $800 million in local sales and services.

The report looked at spending habits related to trail sports, snow sports, biking, camping, motorcycle riding, wildlife watching, water sports, hunting and off-roading.

This report shows how important outdoor recreation activities like motorcycling are to the American economy. As gas prices climb and fuel efficiency becomes a top priority for new vehicle shoppers, motorcycle popularity will continue to rise.

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