Motorcyclist Becomes the Victim of Aggressive Driving

A motorcyclist became the victim of aggressive driving last month when an SUV ran him off the road and into a curb, seriously injuring him.

Cesar Munoz, 36 was one of about 11 motorcycle riders traveling westbound on McKinley in Des Moines, Iowa. A minivan was traveling in front of the motorcycle group and an SUV was following the minivan.

According to police, the group of riders started to pass both vehicles. When about half the riders were past, the driver of the SUV apparently experienced road rage and veered into the riders. The SUV forced Munoz into the curb, knocking both the rider and his motorcycle to the ground.

Munoz had to be rushed to Iowa Lutheran Hospital by fire department medics. Police listed him in fair condition with injuries to his face and shoulder.

The driver of the SUV sped off, and none of the other riders was able to get his license plate number.

Road rage is so terrifying because it often seems so extreme. What could Munoz or his fellow riders have done to make the SUV driver angry enough to use his vehicle as a weapon? The driver could have easily killed someone, and for what?

Fortunately, Munoz will recover from his injuries. We hope authorities are able to bring the hit-and-run driver to justice.

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