Motorcyclist Drives Off From Collision, Crashes And Dies Three Miles Later

A 56-year-old motorcyclist died Saturday, crashing his bike miles from where he earlier collided with a flatbed trailer.

The Wyoming man hauling the flatbed trailer told Montana Trooper Eli Wolfe that after the motorcyclist collided with the left side of his trailer, he pulled over, along with a semi-trailer driver who witnessed the collision. The motorcyclist did not stop, though, continuing down the road.

The truck driver eventually drove down the highway, finding the motorcyclist and his bike off the side of the road three miles from the original collision. The rider died at the scene, Wolfe said, with parts of his bike scattered around him.

It is unclear what caused the collision, or why the man did not stop when the others did. If the man would have pulled over he might have received some much needed help. If you are in a motorcycle accident, make certain to pull off the side of the road and report your accident to the authorities. You or your bike might be more damaged than you realize.

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