Motorcyclist From Arizona Died On Wyoming Interstate

Interstate 25 in Wyoming was the scene of a deadly motorcycle accident involving two different Arizona drivers.

51-year-old Frederick E. Jones, of Scottsdale, Arizona was travelling southbound on the interstate when his Honda Shadow was struck from behind by a 4-door Lexus. 69-year-old Curtis Thompson of Mesa, Arizona drove the Lexus.

Though both travelers were from a similar area, police do not believe they were travelling together.

According to Wyoming Highway Patrol Sergeant Steven Townsend, the accident happened a little after 6 p.m. north of Wheatland.

“Both drivers were southbound on the interstate. The motorcycle was being followed by a second vehicle. For reasons unknown at this time the driver of that second vehicle ran into the rear of the motorcycle, which caused the driver of the motorcycle to be ejected,” said Townsend.

The crash resulted in the death of Jones.

Townsend says there is no mention of alcohol or drugs being involved, and that the rest of the details of the crash will have to wait until the investigation is complete.

The Platte County Attorney’s office will determine if criminal charges will be filed based on its analysis of the investigation.

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