Motorcyclist Plunges Forty-Five Feet To Death

A Houston, Texas motorcyclist died last week after he hit a highway retaining wall and plunged 45 feet to the ground below.

The man, whose name has not been released, was driving a white Harley Davidson southbound on the East Loop near the Ship Channel Bridge and the La Porte Freeway when police think he lost control, slamming into a concrete retaining wall. Though he landed on a grassy area, the 45-foot fall was too high. He was dead at the scene. No one else was involved in the unfortunate accident.

There are many reasons why a rider can lose control of his vehicle. A surprise obstacle in the road, uneven road surfaces, mechanical issues and the actions of other drivers can all lead to a loss of control. Motorcycles are inherently less stable than automobiles, which makes accidents like this one more common than anyone would wish.

We encourage all riders to take a motorcycle safety course if they have not already. Valuable information and training is available in these courses that improve your odds of avoiding a deadly motorcycle accident. Ride safe, and stay alert to everything around you.

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