Motorcyclist Stopped at Rail Crossing Rear-Ended by Car

According to a Standard-Examiner report, a motorcyclist waiting at a commuter rail crossing was seriously injured when his motorcycle was rear-ended by a car. The accident happened on August 22 at around 6:40 p.m. in Pleasant View, Utah.

A 59-year-old rider had just brought his motorcycle to a halt at a rail crossing near 2700 South and 1720 West. The arms were just coming down to block traffic as a FrontRunner commuter train approached. While the motorcyclist was waiting for the train to pass, a man driving a Nissan Versa failed to stop in time and hit him from behind.

After the collision, the victim was reported to be conscious and speaking. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance, with road rash and possible broken legs. At the time of this report, the motorcyclist was in stable condition. The driver of the Versa was reported to have not suffered any injuries in the accident.

Following the accident, a police investigation had been ongoing and charges against the driver of the Nissan were pending. No further updates were available at this time.

This motorcyclist had no chance to avoid this collision and no fault in causing it. He was waiting at a rail crossing doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing, yet he was still hurt and is lucky to be alive. He and his family deserve to see the driver who caused this accident brought to justice and to be compensated for their pain and suffering and what will likely be a costly recovery. People injured in motorcycle accidents must act quickly in securing qualified representation or risk both justice and compensation slipping through their fingers.

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[Did You Know?: On average, three motorcyclists are killed every day in the US as a result of multi-vehicle crashes at intersections.]

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