Motorcyclists Celebrate Veterans Day

The Colorado Springs Veterans Day Parade is a major event not only for families, but also for various clubs that wish to honor those who have fought for our country throughout our history.

Colorado motorcyclist clubs were among the many organizations in attendance to educate kids and celebrate the sacrifices of our veterans. This tremendous 85-minute event brought in 4,000 citizens.

Motorcyclists are among our most patriotic and holiday-oriented citizens. They are often seen not only riding in Veterans Day parades, but in Fourth of July, Christmas and Labor Day parades as well. Many motorcyclists are veterans. In fact, entire motorcycle clubs can be veteran-only clubs.

Can Motorcyclist Injuries Occur at Parades?

Although, parades are a time of great enjoyment, injuries can happen in these days of celebration. For instance, motorcyclists sometimes ride alongside or behind giant holiday floats. These floats sometimes can have mechanical problems or driver errors just as any vehicle might.

If a float suddenly stops, then a motorcyclist could crash into the float. Additionally, cyclists are sometimes asked to “pop a wheelie” and do other advanced techniques that can cause injury, especially if part of the parade suddenly interferes with the maneuver.

Parades are very organized and spaces are generally planned to allow motorcyclists to display their skills. Many accidents occur in the attempt to avoid hurting someone or to avoid someone in the parade who has gotten out of line.

Colorado Motorcycle Accident Attorney Defends Veteran Riders

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash during a parade or at any other time, then call our motorcycle accident lawyers today. We deal with all sorts of personal injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI) and wrongful death.

Did You Know? The oldest motorcycle club, the Yonkers Motorcycle Club, was founded in 1903.

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