Why Did Motorcyclists Give Out Toys at Children’s Hospital?

Santa Clause may ride a sleigh and have cute reindeer to get him around, but he cannot compare to a large group of generous motorcyclists on Harley Davidsons giving out toys at Children’s Hospital.

Law Tigers, a group of motorcycle attorneys, rode into Children’s Hospital last week as part of a toy drive to bring hospitalized children presents. Onlookers, parents and hospital staff were grateful that strangers on bikes showed up to show compassion and care for the most important members of the community.

The Children’s Hospital Toy Run is a yearly event and an opportunity for people to share the joy of the holiday season. It is also a time of the year where motorcycle enthusiasts can come together under the spirit of comradery and generosity to help improve the lives of others.

Who Are the Law Tigers?

Law Tigers is a national network of motorcycle injury attorneys with a mission to help riders who have been in accidents and to help riders avoid accidents through motorcycle safety education.

Law Tigers also has a mobile phone app that comes with an accident preparation guide for helping riders figure out what steps to take in the event of an accident. As a group dedicated to educating motorcycle enthusiasts, its website has detailed information on motorcycle laws across the country as well as information on motorcycle safety.

Metier Law Firm is a group of skilled and experienced personal injury and motorcycle accident lawyers. As a member of Law Tigers, Metier Law Firm would be happy to help a fellow rider in need. You can find out more about us and join our community by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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