Nebraskan Biker Killed in Sturgis Hit-and-Run

After the Sturgis motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota ended, the South Dakota Highway Patrol reported four fatal accidents, with three that occurred in Sturgis and one that happened in Rapid City. According to Rapid City Journal, police were asking for help in locating the perpetrator of one of the fatal motorcycle accidents that occurred north of Bear Butte, and their appeal to the public brought Robert Pittman, a Rapid City man, into custody.

Brian Bye, from Lincoln, Nebraska, was riding on his motorcycle on S.D. Highway 79 when a car hit him from behind. Though both the car and the motorcycle drove into a ditch, the car quickly left the scene of the crime. Witnesses saw a red Honda that was driving at high speeds and weaving in and out of traffic, until the car struck Bye’s motorcycle. Charges already on Pittman’s driving record include speeding at 30 mph over the speed limit and exhibition driving.

Pittman faces a second-degree manslaughter charge and fatal hit-and-run charge for his crimes against the biker.

In addition to the fatalities reported from the motorcycle rally, South Dakota police have tallied 74 injury accidents, up from 54 accidents in 2010.

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2 thoughts on “Nebraskan Biker Killed in Sturgis Hit-and-Run”

  1. Can Brian Bye family go after Robert Pittman for more than the $4500 if he currently has a job earning more than $50000 a year? Would this be something like wrongful
    Death as a result of Roberts reckless driving resulting in his death?

  2. Hi Sally, based on our limited knowledge of the accident, the Bye family would most likely be able to pursue a wrongful death claim against Robert Pittman. Some of the damages available for family members who lost a loved one at the hands of another include: loss of love, comfort, companionship, guidance, advice, affection and moral support, the value of household services the deceased person would have provided if he had lived and the value of financial support the surviving family members would have received from the deceased person had he survived. In most cases, state statutes will define and control this complex area of law. Having supported many families through the loss of a loved one we know how hard it is to heal and offer our deepest sympathy to Brian’s family during this difficult time.

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