New Center to Offer Care for Catastrophic Injuries in Littleton, CO.

CareMeridian broke ground on a four-acre development site of a 36-bed facility in Littleton, CO. The facility will provide Denver and the surrounding area post-acute care services in a non-institutional setting.

CareMeridian is a partner in the MENTOR Network and a leading provider of post-acute care alternatives. With a 22-year history of serving the catastrophically injured and critically ill CareMeridian provides high-quality, cost-effect, post-acute care and rehabilitation options to people with brain, spinal cord and other catastrophic injuries and complex illnesses.

Located at 5401 South Wright Street, the new facility will be a nursing facility focused on rehabilitating people of all ages who need to leave the hospital but are not ready to return home. The expected completion date is June 2012 and the new facility will offer a one-to-four staff-patient ratio with intense nursing of 9.5 hours per patient per day, as well as occupational, physical and speech therapy. The primary goal of the new CareMeridian center is in decomplicating and rehabilitating medically involved patients.

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