New Dream Home For Paralyzed Man

A Colorado man who suffered a spinal cord injury 27 years ago is coming close to realizing a dream of his with the groundbreaking of his new high-tech adaptive home.

Patrick Hawn was playing with a friend at 14 when he was slammed into the ground headfirst, making him quadriplegic. He says that since then, he has adopted a “look forward, not back” philosophy. His philosophy has helped him push ahead in the creation of this new type of home despite the setbacks he has experienced.

The first builder who offered to build the home went out of business, but Hawn kept asking, and found another builder to commit to the ambitious project. Multiple organizations have come on board, with the ground breaking on Oct. 11.

The house will have all the best solutions created in recent years for the disabled. Some of the features Hawn will be enjoying include drop down drawers, hands-free faucets, a roll in shower, lights guided and fans guided by voice and an elevator to take him to the second floor.

The home will be open to the public for the first two weeks, allowing people to see what is possible for the disabled.

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