New Lane Splitting Bill Not Passed in Nevada

A law to legalize lane splitting, the practice of motorcycles riding no faster than 10 miles per hour between cars as long as traffic is stopped, in Nevada has died in the state senate. Proponents of the bill said the new law would allow for safer driving conditions and fewer motorcycle accidents during traffic jams. Democratic Assemblyman, Richard Carrillo, said he was sponsoring the legislation, because two of his friends were involved in a fatal motorcycle accident after being rear-ended by a car that did not see them when stopped by traffic.

If the law had passed, it would have made Nevada the first state to legalize lane splitting. However, Senator Don Gustavson said he was not fond of the idea of allowing large groups of motorcycles to lane split. He saw this as an inevitable problem as Nevada hosts many large motorcycle gatherings.

It is good to remember that in the event that traffic stops abruptly, it is legal and safe for a motorcycle or car to pull over onto the shoulder of the highway to avoid a collision. However, motorists should be aware and on the lookout for motorcycles on the road. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident due to a distracted driver or another driver’s negligence, then contact our national injury attorney today at (866) 377-3800. You may be entitled to compensation.

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