Is a New Motorcycle Conference Coming to Colorado?

Have you ever wondered what an academics conference looks like? If you have, you probably aren’t very excited by the prospect. Droves of very smart people getting together, presenting their research and talk about other people’s research… To some that sounds like an experiment in boredom as torture, but what if all those scholars were talking about something kind of exciting? What if they were all talking about motorcycles?

Rev Up! A New Motorcycle Conference Is Coming to Colorado

The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies publishes peer reviewed articles about one thing, motorcycles. So, when the IJMS organizes a conference, don’t be surprised if attendees motor in on a rumbling Harley.

This year, the University of Colorado will host this cavalcade of moto-academics from June 22-24. Presenters will feature papers on subjects like: How does the media represent motorcycles and motorcyclists, what is the psychology of the motorcycle and the people who ride them, and why do people race motorcycles.

This event will also happen right before the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. That means you can go learn something new and interesting about motorcycles, then you can watch them race up the mountain.

What kind of motorcycles will be featured in these scholarly presentations? Do you think you might have something to offer the researchers on two wheels? Head over to the University of Colorado to find out, then visit our Twitter and Facebook pages to tell your motorcycling attorneys all about it.

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