New Year’s Arrest Records For Larimer County Released

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office released the New Year’s holiday drunken-driving arrest records, according to a recent report by the Coloradoan. Nineteen people were arrested on the Tuesday and Wednesday of New Year’s on drunk driving charges. Police used Facebook to provide ample forewarning to the public about the increased police presence on New Year’s Eve.

Total arrests this New Year’s were down from last year’s 23. Across all of Colorado, 501 people were arrested on charges on drunk driving during New Year’s and over 26,000 throughout the year. The state provides extra funding to police departments to increase police presence during the holiday season, as there is an increased likelihood of drunk drivers on the road. In the week preceding New Year’s, there were three fatal car accidents in Larimer County. Twenty-five people have died in traffic related accidents, so keeping drunk drivers off the roads during New Year’s was a chief concern for the Larimer County Police Department.

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