New York Bicyclist Killed Due to Construction Debris

Erica Abboott, a 29-year-old Brooklyn bicyclist, died on August 30, only a few blocks from her home. According to International Business Times, Abbott swerved out of the way of construction debris on Bushwick Avenue, toppled into traffic and was struck by a Mercedes. Hurricane Irene blew over a fence built around a construction site in her path through New York City over the weekend, and neither the construction company nor the city moved the wooden barricade. The fence was an obstacle for all travelers, and no one made an effort to move the debris until the following Thursday morning, when several neighbors worked together to move the structure.

Abbott’s aunt stated that the car’s tire ran over her niece’s neck, killing her on the spot, but she blames the construction company for neglecting to remove the construction debris from the road. She stated that the bicycling accident was preventable, since the company should have picked up any debris on the Monday or Tuesday following the hurricane. The driver of the car that hit Abbott stayed at the scene of the accident and has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

Since the storm caused obvious damage throughout the city, the construction company should have known to check its sites and equipment. Instead, a bicyclist paid the ultimate price for their neglect.

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