Nursing Home Staff Charged with Abusing Patients

Former and current members of a nursing home staff in Georgia have been charged with allegedly abusing Alzheimer’s patients, according to Reuters. In total, there are 21 current and former employees of Alzheimer’s Care of Commerce, which is about 60 miles north of Atlanta, facing over 70 criminal charges.

“There were accounts of physical abuse, such as staff members striking patients and throwing water on them,” read a statement from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Other charges against the employees include restraining patients with bed sheets and “double diapering” patients so they would not have to change soiled diapers as often. In addition, it was discovered that there were employees at the facility with felony convictions on their records, including voluntary manslaughter and identity theft.

Eleven of the 21 suspects had been arrested at the time of this report. However, the owner, Donna Wright, was still at large. Of the 27 patients at the home when authorities arrived, three were taken to a hospital for immediate medical treatment and the remaining patients would be moved from the home after a consultation with their family members.

In a 2010 nationwide survey, 50 percent of nursing home staff surveyed admitted they had mistreated older patients. Due to the fact that they are unlikely to report it because of their forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s patients are even more vulnerable to this kind of abuse.

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