Off-Road Motorcyclists Have A Reason To Celebrate

The Summit County Off-Road Riders’ (SCORR) fight to secure trails of off-road motorcyclists is finally over.

“We’re excited to be able to move forward,” said the SCORR chairman. “It’s been 11 years or something since we started working on this project.”

The Colorado Forest Service approved the addition of 13 miles of new trails and the reconstruction of eight miles of user-created trails. There are more user-created trails running through the Tenderfoot Mountain area, but they require further maintenance. The trails are near the popular motocross track between Dillon and Keystone.

Off-road motorcyclists became a marginalized community as an increasing number of national trails closed their doors to powered vehicles. SCORR members say that off-road motorcycles serve an important purpose in empowering the physically handicapped to enjoy the outdoors.

“When I was 20 years old, I mountain biked all this stuff. Now I’m 50 years old, and I’ve got a bad knee,” he said. “We all can’t be that 20-year-old rock star anymore.”

Previously, the Forest Service had a very hands-off approach to the trails around Dillon and Summit County and approximately 100 miles of trails were available to off-road motorcyclists. After the Forest Service restructured their trail management, the off-road motorcycle trails were cut down to a measly six miles.

Consequently, off-road motorcycle accidents increased. With less trails available, many off road motorcyclists were driven to brazenly ride off the trail, which is never a good idea. Hopefully, the new trails will cut down on the number of off-trail accidents.

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