Omega-3 May Help TBI Sufferers Avoid Long-Term Damage

Most of the damage caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury (SCI) is the result of secondary swelling that can cause permanent nerve and brain cell damage. A recent study shows that omega-3 fatty acids may contain neuroprotective effects that could keep victims of these injuries from becoming permanently impaired.

EPA and DHA (both fatty acids) have both demonstrated significant neuroprotective effects that can regenerate and protect nerve cells and reduce dangerous inflammation. In a TBI victim, these substances may help preserve brain networks and connectivity while improving lower brain functions like memory.

After a spinal cord injury (SCI), the administration of DHA within two hours improves neurological function and nerve cell survival. The fatty acid also reduces inflammation and decreases oxidative stress. The supplement can also promote cell survival and function if administered before the injury.

An assistant professor of physiology and pharmacology at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden attributed the discovery to resolvins, molecules that are naturally produced by omega-3 fatty acids. These naturally occurring particles can reduce the risk of cognitive impairments after a surgery or critical illness by “resolving” inflammation in the brain.

Researchers called the positive results “remarkable”, adding that the fatty acids may also promote healing and tissue regeneration. If the findings hold true in later trials, the discovery may widely impact how victims of serious injuries are treated.

I Need a Brain Injury Lawyer in Colorado

A TBI or spinal cord injury can change a victim’s life forever, requiring extensive recovery time and hours of therapy to regain full function. These injuries can be complex, and the results are not guaranteed. A personal injury settlement could help with medical bills and lost wages, allowing victims to focus on their recovery.

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[Did You Know: In 2010, there were more than 10 million reports of traumatic brain injury worldwide.]

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