One Hundred Plus Plaintiffs in Newest NFL Lawsuit

The National Football League (NFL) is facing more heat for allegedly failing to protect players against serious head injuries. Ex-players filed a lawsuit with over a hundred plaintiffs in Atlanta accusing the league of ignoring concussion risks. The list of plaintiffs in the newest NFL lawsuit includes players like Chris Doleman, Jamal Anderson and Jessie Tuggle. The suit seeks damages for pain and suffering, lost wages and medical treatment.

So far, over 1,500 retired players have sued the league for not doing enough to prevent concussions. For years, players have recounted stories of coaches sending them back on the field despite disorientation, memory loss or loss of consciousness after a hard hit. Former NFL linebacker Junior Seau’a suicide has thrown fuel on the fire. Some argue that his football injuries contributed to his depression, and that if the NFL had taken more precautions to prevent traumatic brain injuries, Seau might still be alive today.

Seau’s suicide reminded football fans of an incident from a year ago: Dave Duerson, Chicago Bears safety, shot himself in the chest. In his suicide note, he requested that his brain go to the Boston University School of Medicine to find out if football had any role in his depression. Researchers found that he had a neurodegenerative disease often linked to concussions. Since then, Duerson’s family has filed a wrongful death suit against the NFL.

Perhaps it is time for a safety overhaul for professional sports organizations. Football players, as well as boxers and wrestlers, have long been suffering injuries like these.

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