One Injured and Another Man Killed in Two-Motorcycle Accident

Riding your motorcycle by yourself is a freeing experience; nothing but you, the wind on your face and the open road. It is just as enjoyable when you are able to share that experience with a friend. Riding with a friend by your side is more of a bonding experience than it is just a leisurely outing. However, even a bonding experience requires a little space. That is why when you are out riding with a friend, you want to maintain a good distance from one another to avoid causing an accident and give both you and your friend time to react in case something unexpected happens.

An unfortunate example of the importance of keeping your distance was made apparent in a two-motorcycle accident that occurred April 14 in the North Salt Lake area.  The Utah Highway Patrol said 40-year-old Mathew McCullough was following too close behind when his friend, 35-year-old Jessie Dirate, applied his brakes. McCullough was unable to slow in time, causing him to crash into the back of Dirate’s bike, throwing both riders from their motorcycles. McCullough was taken by helicopter to the University of Utah Medical Center and Dirate was released by medical personnel on the scene. McCullough died later Sunday night from brain injuries.

It is always good practice to keep a safe distance from any vehicle you are following while riding your motorcycle, but especially important when you are out cruising with friends. Remember to keep in mind that motorcycles do not have the same protection as cars and trucks do, so there is also less margin for error. If you or someone you love sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, please contact us immediately at (866) 377- 3800. One of our national accident attorneys can help you understand all of your legal rights following your unfortunate event.

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