“One Leg Greg” of Joliet Training for 2012 Paralympics

Greg Beene, 34, of Joliet, also known as “One Leg Greg,” is seeking to represent the United States as a cyclist in the London Paralympic Games in 2012.

Beene, who is currently in training, lost his leg in a motorcycle accident on August 12, 2003. At the time of the accident, Beene was riding a high-performance 1300cc motorcycle on Bluff Street in Bicentennial Park. He was teaching a co-worker to ride and was travelling about 35 to 45 mph. Beene briefly took his eyes off the road to check his co-worker’s progress and turned back to see a truck coming in his path. He dropped his bike and pushed it to avoid hitting children in a nearby park and started to roll. His body slammed into the concrete base of a light pole, shattering his pelvis and the ball and socket of his right femur. To save his life, doctors amputated his leg.

After the accident Beene considered himself half a man and went into a deep depression. His life took a positive turn when he went to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and met his roommate, a paraplegic. The moment that changed Beene’s life was when his roommate fell out of bed and Breene witnessed him getting himself back into bed without assistance.

From that moment on, Beene traded in the wheelchair for a pair of crutches, and the crutches for a prosthetic leg. Now he is training U.S. Paralympics National Championship in July 2011 with the hopes of earning a spot on the national team.

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