What Organizations Help Reduce Motorcycle Accidents?

Several organizations and non-profits exist to promote and educate the public on motorcycle safety. One very reputable organization, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), offers training and classes that can be taken in many places across the country. In addition to offering classes, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Board of Trustees is composed of several executives affiliated with major motorcycle manufacturers, which allows them to provide motorcycles to train new riders.

Training offered by the MSF includes classes that introduce riders to maneuvering skills, street riding and other advanced techniques that will turn basic motorcyclists into experienced riders. Online courses and materials are also offered by the MSF. By taking MSF courses, new motorcyclists can not only become safer on the roads, they can be reimbursed for attending and even given a discount on insurance policies in qualified locations.

Why Is It Important to Attend MSF Safety Classes?

There are many methods to staying safe on the road, and many experienced motorcyclists will mention that other drivers can be your biggest risk of being in a motorcycle accident. Having a seasoned rider walk you through a course, train you and tell you what to look out for may one day save your life or keep you from sustaining serious injuries. Ridercoaches are experienced instructors who work with the MSF to train and develop the skills of new riders.

Colorado is one of many states that have MSF courses, and by completing courses offered by the MSF, you can qualify for a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license.

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Did You Know? In 2012, 75 motorcyclists were killed in fatal accidents, and 37 percent did not have a motorcycle endorsement on their license.

You can learn more about the Motorcycle Safety Foundation by visiting its website.