Could Oxygen Therapies Help TBI Victims Recover?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can change lives forever. That’s because the brain is the central organ that organizes the body’s functions. It is also where your memories, dreams, and personality come from. So, when the brain is injured it can affect vision, mobility, memory and judgement. Worse yet, these injuries are often permanent. However, there are therapies giving TBI victims new hopes for recovery, and a little girl from Arkansas may only be the first of many success stories.

Will Oxygen Therapies Help TBI Victims Recover?

It was February 2016, when a two-year-old found her way into her family’s pool. Around 15 minutes later, her parents found the girl floating face down in the pool—unresponsive. They called emergency services and started CPR, when paramedics arrived, they took over resuscitative efforts. The girl had around 100 minutes of CPR and suffered cardiac arrest, yet somehow, she still managed to survive. But she didn’t escape her near drowning unscathed.

This little girl suffered severe brain injury. Her white brain cells had been so traumatized that her brain itself had started to shrivel. The girl lost muscle control, the ability to walk and her ability to speak. At this stage Doctor Paul Harch—director of hyperbaric medicine at the University Medical Center of Louisiana State University School of Medicine—recommended special oxygen treatments.

These treatments involved sealing the girl in a hyperbaric chamber where she could receive oxygen treatments at several times normal atmospheric pressure. This allowed her body to take in three times the normal amount of oxygen. Each treatment lasted for 45 minutes a session, and she underwent the process five days a week, for a total of 40 sessions.

One year after her accident, the girl has now recovered from most of the brain damage suffered during her near drowning. She is able to walk again, interact and speak at a higher level than before she was injured. Doctors are amazed by her recovery but they are also cautious. This was only one case, and it is not clear if this therapy will be effective for others. There are also risks to hyperbaric treatment and symptoms range from sinus and ear pain to paralysis and air embolisms.

More studies are needed, but there is a new hope that TBIs might have a new and very effective treatment. As Colorado accident attorneys helping TBI victims, the Metier Law Firm hopes that this is the beginning of a very effective new course of treatment.

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