Paralysis Leads Motorcycle Racer To Skiing Championship

When Ken LaCombe first learned to ski, it did not become a priority for him. He wanted to race motorcycles. LaCombe became a professional motorcycle racer. It was only after a spinal cord injury left him paralyzed that he looked into skiing again.

LaCombe worked as a motorcycle mechanic in his wheelchair while taking adaptive lessons in Winterpark, Colorado. During his first lesson, LaCombe’s instructors asked him if he had ever considered ski racing.

“Yeah, I’ve thought about that already,” he said.

LaCombe went on to compete on the U.S. Adaptive Ski Team, and spent several years competing with the best adaptive skiers in the world. In 1993, though, he decided to step off the team.

“After going to the top and winning races, and becoming the Canadian National Champion in 1991 – after that high of going to all these races and doing really well – all of the sudden I wasn’t winning anymore.”

LaCombe attributed his difficulties to the design of his sit-ski. Using his experience as a motorcycle mechanic, he went on to develop a new sit-ski, trying eight prototypes before he created one he liked.

LaCombe’s motorcycle accident was tragic, but what he has done afterward is truly inspiring.

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