How Parents Can Use Apps for Distracted Driving Prevention

Can apps prevent distracted driving?If you are concerned your children are using their phones while driving, stick around and continue reading this blog. Several smart phone apps allow parents to promote distracted driving prevention.

These apps use features that send alerts to parents when their children text and drive. Others offer incentives for staying off the phone while driving. We will use three examples to discuss how these apps can prevent cell phone use behind the wheel.

CellControl: CellControl is an app for Android, iOS and Blackberry that allows parents to remotely disable texting, email and other programs while driving. The app works with DriveID, a separate piece of hardware, to detect when users are moving. Although many mobile phone features are blocked, the use of 911 is still allowed. Parents will also receive notifications when children tamper with CellControl settings.

Drive Beehive: Drive Beehive allows users to pair with family members, friends or educators to receive rewards for safe driving practices. For example, a parent could pair with his or her child and set a specific number of safe driving miles to unlock rewards. This app encourages users to hold each other accountable, making it ideal for families. Once the app detects phone usage by drivers, it resets the number of safe driving miles back to zero.

AT&Ts DriveMode: AT&T’s DriveMode silences alerts and sends auto replies to text messages. Parents can receive notifications when DriveMode is switched off or disabled.

Why We Need Distracted Driving Prevention

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show distracted driving has become a major cause of car accidents. Although apps serve as a useful tool for parents to prevent distracted driving, plenty of adults still use their phones behind the wheel. Our blog next week will discuss how Colorado laws are preventing distracted driving.

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