Why Parents Should Be Extra Careful with Furniture

Protect your children from falling furnitureA nanny-cam video showing two toddlers involved in a furniture tip-over accident recently went viral online. In the video, both twins are seen climbing a dresser. Without warning, the dresser falls and traps one of the twin’s underneath. Fortunately, the twin’s brother freed him by pushing the dresser.

Statistics collected by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) show 25,000 children suffer injuries in accidents like the one in the video each year. CPSC statistics also show tip-over accidents involving furniture or television sets kill one child per week. These numbers show a grim reality: unsecured furniture is a grave threat the small children.

4 Easy Ways Parents Can Prevent a Furniture Tip-Over Accident

Fortunately, there are ways parents can prevent these accidents from happening. The CSPC encourages parents to take the following steps:

  1. Secure top-heavy furniture: This type of furniture is most likely to fall over when climbed. Parents can reduce this risk by securing the furniture with anti-tip brackets, wall anchors and by removing tempting objects (toys, television remotes, candy). It’s best if parents use all three safety tips, instead of just one or the other.
  2. Use sturdy furniture: The CPSC suggests placing heavy objects, like television sets, on sturdy furniture. Large television stands or media centers are ideal.
  3. Mount flat-screen TVs: Flat-screen TVs should be mounted to the wall, as they can easily tip over when placed on normal furniture. TVs that are not mounted should be anchored to the wall. A television set can fall with thousands of pounds of force.
  4. Follow instructions: Always follow instructions that come with furniture sets. Most people hate building furniture, but taking your time and doing it correctly may prevent accidents.

The recent viral video is an important reminder of what small children are capable of when left to their own devices. Parents can prevent tragedies by creating a safe home environment.

The product liability attorneys at Metier Law Firm, LLC suggest regularly checking for information on furniture recalls. Some furniture products have defects that may pose a hazard to children.

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