Pedestrian Seriously Injured By Hit-and-Run Motorcyclist

On August 3, a speeding motorcycle rider popped a wheelie, ran through a red light and hit a pedestrian crossing the street in Lower Downtown Denver. After the collision, the 28-year-old motorcyclist crashed his bike and grabbed his license plate before fleeing on the back of a friend’s motorcycle.

The 23-year-old victim suffered a fractured skull and hip, in addition to serious lacerations on his face and head. More than one witness at the scene believed the young man was already dead.

The motorcyclist called the police and turned himself in a few hours after the accident. He was treated for minor injuries at Denver Health before being arrested on charges of vehicular assault, and leaving the scene of an accident resulting in serious bodily injury.

For 24 hours, the young man laid in the hospital under the name of John Doe. His family rushed to his side once they were notified, helping him remember the accident and handling legal issues while he healed.

The victim was a young pizza cook with no health insurance, so his relatively carefree life just exploded into a barrage of painful injuries, medical bills and police involvement. Even with his family’s help, he is most likely facing a long, painful recovery process.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

This hit-and-run motorcyclist caused the pedestrian’s injuries by driving recklessly and running the red light. Afterwards, he not only fled the scene, but he removed his license plate to try to further avoid detection.

This man is already facing criminal charges, but he is still eligible for a personal injury lawsuit due to his reckless behavior. Criminal charges allow the government to decide his punishment, but a civil suit will hold him accountable to the victim and his family.

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