About Natural Gas Accidents

On Monday, we wrote about a tragic natural gas accident that took the life of one worker and injured two others at a Colorado Encana Corp. location. While these kinds of accidents are statistically rare, they are often devastating and fatal.

Natural Gas Accident Statistics

A search for “Natural Gas” in the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OSHA) workplace accident database shows 92 results between 2001 and 2011. Of those accidents, 47 were fatal.

Most of these, however, involve industrial explosions. Encana spokespeople said that the incident at their site was not an explosion, but a “high-pressure gas release.” The OSHA site lists five accidents involving high-pressure gas releases; two of them were fatal.

Natural Gas Injuries

Workers in the natural gas industry face a variety of risks. Common causes of natural gas injuries include:

  • High pressure. Natural gas builds up enormous pressure. If not properly contained, pressurized air itself can injure workers, or it can turn machinery and equipment into deadly projectiles.
  • Toxic air. A leak can release toxic chemicals into the air, leading to illness or death.
  • Risk of fire and explosions. These chemicals can easily combust, or fill the air with flammable toxins. A small spark in a contaminated area can cause serious burns and catastrophic injuries.

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