Can Poorly Made Tires Cause Car Accidents?

Winter can be a dangerous time of year for drivers across the country, but the snowy and sleet covered roads in Colorado can be fatal. Consumer Reports, a well-known non-profit and consumer watchdog, have reported that many Colorado consumers may be buying imported knock-off tires that perform very poorly on snow and on ice. An investigation by Consumer Reports found that the tires did not grip the snow or ice very well in comparison to other brands available to Colorado consumers.

Consumer Reports bought the cheap knock-off tires online through a third party, and then unsuccessfully attempted to locate the manufacturer. Chinese-made tires may cost less than popular domestic brands, but there is no accountability on the part of the manufacturer should anything go wrong. Having durable and well-performing tires is essential to the safety of motorists, and knock-off tires may be putting lives at risk.

Tire Safety Information You Should Know

Snow and sleet related car accidents account for 58,000 injuries and 770 deaths annually, so the importance of maintaining a safe vehicle during the winter is crucial. Cheap manufacturers of auto parts may sell tires that wear easily and deflate, leaving you vulnerable to a car accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, under inflation of tire pressure can increase chances of an accident by 25 percent.

Auto parts manufacturers have a responsibility to the consumers they sell to, but if you are buying your tires from overseas, it will be difficult to hold them accountable if anything goes wrong. If you have been injured in a car wreck and you believe it was due to an unsafe product, reach out to our personal injury lawyers at Metier Law Firm so we can help you.

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