Charity Bike Ride Cut Short by Truck Accident

According to Wyoming Public Media, a cross-country charity bike ride was ended abruptly when a semi-truck hit the cyclist. The cyclist, Jacob Landis, was about 180 miles from the end of a cross-country bike ride that had already seen him travel over 10,000 miles. He was attempting to ride his bike to every Major League Baseball stadium to raise money to help those in need receive cochlear implants.

The accident happened on the night of September 21 while he was on his way from Tampa to Miami for the last game on his tour.

“Last night, Jacob was within 4 miles of his day’s destination, on his way to Miami for the last game of the ride, when he was clipped by a semi-truck which left the scene of the accident,” read an update on the Facebook page of his charity ride posted the day after the accident.

The update also mentioned the extent of some of Landis’ injuries. As a result of the crash, Landis suffered a severe concussion, a fractured cheekbone and a broken nose. The cyclist, however, was released and is expected to recover in time. Doctors, however, did advise him to stay off his bike for about two weeks. He was still able to make it to the Miami game, and would like to officially finish the ride as soon as he is able to do so.

“I may not be on a bike but I will still be at the Miami game,” read a comment Jacob wrote on his charity’s Facebook page. “The reason for the ride is not over!”

Although Landis is set to recover, many cyclists who have been the victims of trucking accidents cannot say the same. Bicyclists are exposed out there on the road and so many mistakes that motorists make involving them turn out to be more catastrophic than would be the case if it was an accident involving another motor vehicle. Bicyclists and their families cannot control what other drivers do out on the road, but they can control what they do about it after the fact.

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[Did You Know?: A 2002 study revealed that 38.6 percent of bicycle trips are one mile or less.]

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