Charity Divvies Relief Funds for Theater Shooting Survivors and Families

In the wake of the Aurora theater shooting, the Community First Foundation established the Aurora Victim Relief Fund to raise money for the survivors and victims’ family members. It raised approximately $5 million. Recently, the fund’s “special master” Ken Feinberg announced the breakdown of the fund’s money: family members of the 12 deceased victims and survivors who sustained traumatic brain injuries or paralysis will receive 70 percent, or $3.5 million. The remaining 30 percent ($1.5 million) will go to survivors who sustained less critical injuries.

Response from Family Members

Some family members were surprised and concerned when they first heard about the charity, claiming that organizers used their loved ones’ images without permission. They sent a letter to the attorney general and secretary of state, asking them to look into the charity. Some suspect money went to other charities instead of victims and their families.

After hearing about the funds’ distribution, the group released a statement saying that they were working on fundraising efforts of their own “behind the scenes.”

Notable Exclusions

Some have criticized the distribution for the people it leaves out. People who did not sustain any physical injuries will not receive any money, nor will victims who did not require overnight hospitalization. Feinberg agreed that people with minor or psychological injuries should receive money, but there is not enough for everyone.

Victims and family members will receive the money beginning on November 16. Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is accepting donations at his office until November 15.

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