Death and Injury in Aurora Apartment Fire

Just weeks after a theater shooting in Aurora, Colo. shocked the nation, another tragedy befell the Denver suburb. On Monday, August 6, a fire in the Fitz Apartments complex killed two people and injured 15 others. At least one person jumped from the fourth story to escape the blaze.

Witnesses say they helped residents escape by propping a ladder against the building and holding it steady while residents climbed down. There are other reports of witnesses catching a baby that a resident dropped out of the window.

The apartment complex is about a block away from James Holmes’ apartment, the primary suspect in the cinema shooting that took place last July. The complex is also very close to the University of Colorado’s medical campus; Holmes studied there, and victims of the shooting were taken there for treatment. Police say that they have not found a connection between the fire and the shooting.

Some witnesses have reported seeing someone with a gas can flee the premises after the fire; firefighters are currently investigating this claim.

Our thoughts are with the residents of Aurora. Like the emergency responder says in the video, it has been a very tough summer for them.

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