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Did a Nationwide Salmonella Outbreak Cause This Colorado Lawsuit?

Have you ever taken a natural herb or extract to treat a health problem? It’s a common practice for many people all over the country, and some people claim real health benefits from using these herbs. However, a salmonella outbreak may just ruin the healing powers of some of these remedies and make people sick. Now, a woman from North Dakota is trying to bring awareness to this problem, and a Denver business is at the center of her lawsuit.

How a Salmonella Outbreak Led to a Denver Lawsuit

A woman from North Dakota suffers from fibromyalgia, a nerve condition many doctors say causes spontaneous pain all over a person’s body. To fight these pains, the North Dakota woman ordered kratom tea from a shop in Denver. This herbal remedy was supposed to help calm her condition; instead, it sent her straight to the hospital.

Shortly after brewing the kratom tea and drinking it, the woman felt sick and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors would later diagnose her with a case of salmonella poisoning. The woman then sent the tea to the North Dakota Department of Health, where it tested positive for salmonella. It was then revealed that the contaminated tea was part of a nationwide recall.

Since getting sick, the woman has taken the Colorado shop that sold her the contaminated tea to court. She hopes that her lawsuit will not only result in compensation, but also change. She wants the natural supplement industry to be better regulated so incidents like this don’t happen again.

So far, over 130 cases have been linked to this salmonella outbreak. That means that many more victims could be out there, and that many businesses could be on the hook for selling tainted products. The safety lawyers here at Metier Law Firm will continue to monitor this outbreak for any new developments. So, keep following our blog and contact an attorney if you think you may have become sick due to salmonella poisoning.