Does the Movie Industry Bear Responsibility in Aurora Shooting?

The Aurora, Colo. shooting has inspired heated debate in various political circles about gun laws, Second Amendment rights and the role of violence in the media, among other issues. As the nation seeks to find meaning behind the act described by The Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan as “senseless” and “unbearably savage,” one Coloradoan seeks to blame parties in the movie industry for the tragic event.

Is the Studio Responsible?

Torrence Brown Jr., one of the survivors of the shooting that claimed 12 lives in a sold out movie theater, is suing the theater chain, Warner Bros. and main suspect James Holmes’ doctors (more about that suit in our next post). Legal professionals are skeptical about the outcome of these lawsuits, especially the suit against the movie studio. People have tried to sue studios that released violent films like Natural Born Killers that supposedly inspired copycat killers with unsuccessful results.

What About the Movie Theater?

Brown claims that the Century 16 theater chain failed to protect its patrons with basic security features. Holmes allegedly entered the theater, left through an emergency exit, propped the door open and re-entered with weapons. Brown may have a chance with this claim; the Loews theater chain was held responsible for a shooting that took place in a theater during 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ in 2005. In that case, however, accusers argued that that particular theater had a history of violence in a turbulent neighborhood, and theater management should have been prepared. Aurora, however, has been considered a peaceful suburb, earning a spot on Forbes magazine’s list of top ten safest cities.

No matter who is responsible, this tragic event will stay in our minds for years to come. If you think that a facility caused you harm, call us at (866) 377-3800. You might have options to seek justice.

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