How Ironclad are Liability Waivers?

As the days slowly begin to warm, you may be considering trying out some new warm-weather activities. Depending on which activity you choose, you may be required to sign a waiver of liability. Liability wavers are designed to shield business proprietors from legal repercussions should you get hurt. Such waivers are rarely ironclad, though, especially when negligence is involved.

Certain activities are considered so inherently dangerous, like sky diving and bungee jumping, that a waiver of liability will be upheld. If you are injured through the normal course of the activity, you cannot sue for damages because you assumed the risk. However, even with these extreme sports, negligence on the part of the business operator may be grounds for lawsuit. While the activity is dangerous, it is also the duty of the business operator to make it as safe as possible.

Liability waivers are important for businesses that deal in dangerous activities where injuries can and do happen. However, such waivers do not necessarily protect owners from their negligent behavior. If you feel your injury was the result of negligent behavior, you could have a case.

Specific circumstances are required for you to be able to collect damages after signing a waiver. If a responsible party failed to maintain equipment or failed to maintain the property and that failure caused you injury, you could collect damages.

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