Newly-Constructed Roundabout Caused Wyoming Car Accident

According to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, a newly-constructed roundabout has already resulted in a car accident on Wednesday December 18, the day of the inaugural press conference. In total, the roundabout cost $4.5 million of fifth-penny sales tax to construct. Engineers and residents hope that the two lane roundabout located at 19th Street, Converse Avenue and Pershing Boulevard will reduce congestion and keep traffic flowing smoothly through Cheyenne.

The spokesman for the Cheyenne police reported that the accident occurred around 8 a.m. because a driver failed to yield while entering the roundabout. Apparently, the press conference was a noisy affair and it was difficult to hear the speakers over the loud noise of near collisions, screeching brakes and honking horns. Further complications are expected to arise concerning how to react to the presence of emergency vehicles in a roundabout. Standard procedure is to pull over and allow the emergency vehicles to pass; however, “pulling over in the roundabout just gums things up,” said a policeman.

A Roadway Construction Project Caused my Car Accident. Who Is Responsible?

With time, Cheyenne motorists will adapt to the roundabout, but until then it is very important that all motorists drive with extreme caution and vigilance. Given the shape of the roundabout, it is very easy for simple accidents to turn into multiple car pile-ups. Car accidents can result in serious injury such as crushed bones and other orthopedic injuries, traumatic brain injuriesspinal cord injuries and loss of limbs. Our attorneys will use car accident reconstruction and medical experts to thoroughly evaluate your injuries, determine the long-term prognosis and identify permanent limitations. We will not simply settle with the liable party’s insurance provider; instead, we will go above and beyond in court to deliver the full compensation that you deserve for your injuries. For more information or free legal advice, contact us. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our national accident lawyers, call today at (866) 377-3800.

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