Shooting Suspect Charged with Murder

Major news outlets are still buzzing about the Aurora movie theater shooting. This week, we will discuss new developments as victims and citizens sort out blame and responsibility for the tragic event.

Primary suspect James Holmes has charged with 24 counts of murder for the 12 killed in the shooting and 116 counts of attempted murder for the 58 wounded. For each victim, he was charged twice; once for deliberation, and once for showing extreme indifference to human life.

Following the announced charges, many wonder if he could face the death penalty for his assaults. Holmes made two court appearances since the shooting; in both, he sported bright orange hair and a dazed demeanor. He only said one word – “Yes” – when Colorado District Court Judge William Blair Sylvester asked if he understood the 142 charges against him.

The Colorado judge accuses Holmes of entering a Century 16 theater in Aurora while a packed house watched the first showing of The Dark Knight Rises and opening fire with several automatic weapons, injuring children and adults alike.

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