What Is The Riskiest Sport For Traumatic Brain Injury?

A recent study by University of Toronto published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine highlights that professional mixed martial arts (MMA) may be the most dangerous sport for traumatic brain injury. The researchers surveyed videos of over 800 Ultimate Fighting Championship fights from 2006 to 2012. According to the study, 13 percent of fights end in knock outs and another 21 percent end in technical knockouts, which happens when a fighter is unable to defend himself.

A subsequent study by the Cleveland Clinic, a leading brain injury center, found that the fighters with the highest number of fights per year and years fighting scored the lowest on cognitive exams. Unfortunately, the cognitive decline after a brain injury is often permanent. As such, researchers suggest that officials make some changes to youth involvement in MMA.

“Given that participation at amateur levels of the sport is growing rapidly, we expect to see high rates of traumatic brain injuries at more junior levels of amateur competition,” said the researchers.

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